Cloud Architecture Services

We enable businesses to adopt new-age cloud architectures while making them future-proof. As the cloud evolves, we help businesses quickly transform their current cloud portfolio to adopt the latest cloud technologies, such as serverless computing and microservices architecture. We do this by assessing their cloud scenario and recommending the right application architectures and platforms that suit their business
requirements. As a frontrunner in new-age cloud architectures and proficient with different clouds, we understand the big picture and objectively assess how much of a fit  they are for our clients.

Serviceless Applications

Our serverless approach controls costs by leveraging serverless components and leaving all infrastructure management to the cloud provider. By harnessing the power of serverless architecture, we enable businesses to achieve the following benefits:

Microservices based architecture

Microservices architecture empowers agile teams to ensure that your entire application is loosely coupled with different components. In the past few years, we have helped businesses across industries transform monolithic applications into a set of microservices while overcoming challenges.

Our experience allows us to facilitate a seamless transition to microservices architecture, enabling you to leave your cloud concerns to us and instead focus on your core business.